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Grow your plant wisdom, at YOUR own pace; without stressful, expensive curriculum. Learn plants like our ancestors did, FROM HERBAL ELDERS AND ORAL TRADITION.

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“Wild Medicine School's teachings have truly changed my business for the better. They are a well-spring of information, and offered me a deep knowledge of herbalism, that I have been able to directly apply to my chocolate + herbs product line. I am a follower of their teachings for life."

~Sarah Ann Lesslie, Founder of Chocolita Chocolate

“Michael Cottingham is a wonderfully unique and inspirational teacher of herbal medicine. His one-of-a-kind teachings have been profoundly influential in both my personal and professional life. Through his eclectic teachings, rooted in land stewardship and the preservation of herbal wisdom, I've developed a deeper relationship and understanding of wellness. This knowledge and experience, is invaluable to my study of Integrative Medicine, as well as my professional mission to shift conventional healthcare towards wellness and prevention.”

~Jennifer Eldred, Family Nurse Practitioner

“Learning from Mimi Kamp, is like learning from the plants themselves. It's like the plant is speaking to you through her. I often find myself learning more from how she moves among the plants, tucking one over her heart, another in her hair, tasting or smelling another, than I do from any teaching or reading. As an herbalist, Mimi has shown me a practice and relationship with the plants, that I may never attain, but will always strive for.

~Adrienne Stohr Lewis, Herbalist

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